Hermanto Jimmy

所属:広島大学大学院 工学研究科 情報工学専攻

Master 2nd Year

*研究テーマ (Research Topic)


状況を活かした語学学習支援システム .


Context-Awareness in English learning by providing location adaptive learning materials.

*研究概要 (Research Abstract)



Context-awareness now is emerging as one of an important computing point, while it addresses the special needs

of applications that exploit the high dynamic environments and users' mobility. This paper presents a description of

Context-Awareness English Learning system, its functions and features, as well as its main foundations and technical

problems encountered during development. A key construct stressed here is that actions and words are location

depended. Here we proposed Web-based language learning system, using Context Awareness idea as the main topic

and try to vision the system to be a virtual learning environment that takes advantage of learning by experiencing activities.

This system main function is to provide a learner the location and action depended English words and simulate a

conversation that might happen in real life situation, while the teaching material adapts according to contextual features

of the learner's location.

*研究詳細 (Research Detail)

+System Design Diagram+

+System Interface In Cellphone (AU - Kyocera)+

*研究実績(学会発表,学内発表,研究室内発表)(Presentation and Seminar)

[1]研究内発表(論文紹介) - 2007年3月22日

[2]研究内発表(研究テーマ) - 2007年10月16日

[3]研究内発表 - 2008年6月19日

[4]修士論文中間発表会(IEIP)発表練習 - 2008年09月17日

[5]修士論文中間発表会(IEIP) - 2008年9月29日

[6]研究内発表 - 2008年12月3日

[7]修士論文発表会 - 2009年3月2日

[8]JSiSE - 教育システム情報学会 - 2009学生研究発表会 - 岡山理科大学 - 2009年3月11日(優秀賞)

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